Thursday, November 27, 2008

Renard launch Flash charater driven website

Renard, a Sydney based marketing agency selected MILK Digital to design and build their new website. After brainstorming the creative vision and planning the site architecture with Renard, MILK Digital commenced designing and animating the main illustrated character, "Renard the fox" and the supporting environments. The full Flash website navigation is driven by their logo adapted character. By exploring his underground den you can find out more about Renard, or sneak into the gallery to view their latest work, including TVC and print campaigns.

> Visit the Renard website

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Mirvac development website: The Royal Newcastle Beach

Mirvac selected MILK Digital to design and develop a full Flash website for their new property development on the beach at Newcastle. "The Royal Newcastle Beach" is a fantastic looking development with an amazing vista.

> Visit the Royal Newcastle Beach Website.

Mirvac - The Royal Newcastle Beach

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twynam Agricultural Group launch new site with Milk Digital CMS "MD Edit Lite"

MILK Digital launches another successful Content Management System (CMS) website for new client Twynam Agricultural Group. Our new MD Edit "Lite" CMS developed by MILK Digital allows our client to make changes to their website content from any browser online with a WYSIWYG editor. As it is a customised CMS we can adapt it for any cleint's needs. The Twynam website also seamlessly incorporates a Flash navigation and interactive map.

> Visit the Twynam Agricultural group Website.

Milk Digital launches new Tywnam website